Kathryn Harrington for Washington County Chair

Growing up in a military household, Kathryn and her family moved state after state, year after year. It was only until she moved to our community about 30 years ago with her husband, Marc, that Kathryn finally found a place to truly call home in Washington County.

Before entering public service, Kathryn enjoyed a 22-year career in the high-tech industry. After seeing growing challenges in her community and more changes on the horizon, Kathryn decided to take a step back from that career and dedicate her life to building up the community that’s given her so much.

As our County Chair, Kathryn works relentlessly to serve our needs, especially as we face unprecedented challenges to our health and livelihood. Under her leadership, the Board of Commissioners are adding over a thousand new affordable housing units in our community, set into motion a plan to protect our public health, and increased government transparency to new levels. And Kathryn isn’t done working for us.

Let’s keep Kathryn, and let’s keep moving forward together.

"We have done incredible work over the last couple of years, but we can’t let the momentum subside. I have always believed in the power and community support of Washington County. I am choosing to continue pushing forward, and I hope you’ll join me once again.”

- Kathryn Harrington, County Chair

Feel free to reach out to me at Info@KathrynForOurCounty.com